Programing Android: the ebook

posted 29 Jan 2011, 16:36 by Jose Antonio Vacas Martinez

A new book about programing android:
is publically available for "testing" and review.

Enjoy it while it is free.

Programing android with mono

posted 29 Jan 2011, 16:08 by Jose Antonio Vacas Martinez

the annunce
download the vs2010 pluging
how to install:
wonderfull views: These viewes look like native forms

Testing the QRCodes

posted 16 Dec 2010, 15:37 by Jose Antonio Vacas Martinez   [ updated 16 Dec 2010, 15:43 ]


Just testing

Debuging & programaning using android scripting

posted 15 Dec 2010, 15:02 by Jose Antonio Vacas Martinez   [ updated 27 Jan 2011, 04:23 ]

Installing  android sdk
from download the proper pakage
using  ubuntu
download  the sdk base package
then execute ./toos/android for complete de sdk

install the sdk platforms and the docs& API (I'm using platfomr 1.5 API 3)

Add the tools directory to the path

Public/private server
¿but if using wifi your public is in fact private because your phone use a internal ip and the port it is not forwarded?

add to the python path ¡¡you don't need to install anything more in your computer!!!

Connect the device for debuging:

In ubuntu 10.10 create the file (or if it exists modify) 
sudo vi /etc/udev/rules.d/51-android.rules
UBSYSTEM=="usb", SYSFS{idVendor}=="0bb4", MODE="0666"

(you can get error of "device offline" or "no permision" in other case)

connect the usb
adb usb

And to send a file to the device 
adb push /sdcard/sl4a/scripts

Python, shell, perl, php, lua, ruby, etc ... in android

posted 14 Dec 2010, 00:57 by Jose Antonio Vacas Martinez

  • It's really easy:

  • Open barcode reader ( not installed yet?, run for it in market!!!), point to this barcode
or open in a web browser and download.

Programing android

posted 29 Nov 2010, 15:32 by Jose Antonio Vacas Martinez   [ updated 21 Dec 2010, 12:54 ]

Interesting tutorial about programing for android devices:


posted 26 Nov 2010, 17:26 by Jose Antonio Vacas Martinez   [ updated 26 Nov 2010, 17:32 ]

I'm a unix man, so I need to use a full-man-black console in order to make magical recipes.
First: root the phone (normal program use standar user priviledges)
Second: install standard unix conlsole

Oldder versions=loser owner

posted 26 Nov 2010, 17:20 by Jose Antonio Vacas Martinez   [ updated 26 Nov 2010, 17:33 ]

The first thought and first google quiz was "how to upgrade htc dream to android 2.2" (This is last, sin't it?)

There are lots of pages with recipes, but .... reading how to do that, I reallize that his could be very dangerous: I could finish whith a high tech solid brick.

So I've decided learn a bit before doing blind recipes.

The first step will be root the phone. 

The begining of the history

posted 26 Nov 2010, 16:53 by Jose Antonio Vacas Martinez   [ updated 26 Nov 2010, 17:20 ]

Last 25th of november, an old and used HTC Dream arrived to me.
It's looks very cool, but when I see that it was an old (presented in october 2008) phone, I thought that it will be crappy old machine.

My thought was really wrong. The phone works really fast. In spite of being and old phone (2008)  with and old software version (android 1.5) the screen move quickly and the phone is really responsible.

Android is really amazing

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